sulienapgwien whispered: what are you going to do with your glorious day off?


My bff gets off work in the evening tomorrow, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he bombs in. We’ll probably drink too much and play video games or watch some movies. Saturday or Sunday I need to pencil in some time with another friend. And the day I’m free I guess I need to do a take home test that Has To Be Done by Monday.

So really I’m just. Doing the things I haven’t gotten to do this past week while I’ve been busy. And doing that shitty test thing.

Get to know the blogger night!


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Pedro Moon!!!

It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. When I am in so much pain… I feel much better if I say that spell.

By his own approximation, Bob assassinated Jesse James over 800 times. He suspected no one in history had ever so often or so publicly recapitulated an act of betrayal.

Jake and Amy looking at each other in sync (requested by anonymous)

"My name, my age…everything is fake. But… Jung Soo Young, Popcorn Sister, Ally, Secretary Jung… Jung Soo Young… the fact that I like you is real"


Candice Patton as Iris West

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By the way… you are the only one… who comforts me when I’m troubled. You’re Father after all.

More than that jerk Lee Hyung Suk… I don’t need anyone. I only need you, Father.


prob the v first thing me and jenna will do when we meet